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I wonder if the “not dressed like that” isn’t so much a testament to how the Sheriff thinks gay guys dress, but to how he knows Stiles acts when he is trying to impress someone he likes.

Because Stiles did dress to impress for the prom when he was going with Lydia. And he seems to the type, as shown in other ways, to go ALL OUT when he is interested in someone and thinks he maybe possibly have a shot. 

"Not dressed like that. I remember when you first met Lydia Martin and you wore a suit to school every day for a month, even though you were in the second grade and had no earthly reason to wear a suit. I remember when you met Deputy Smith’s daughter and dressed like you worked at Hollister for almost a year until you realized that her "best friend, Mary" was actually her girlfriend. I even remember when you first met Scott and wanted him to like you and convinced your mother to buy you a copy of whatever t-shirt Scott would wear so that you could have a copy and you could wear them and be twins because Scott didn’t have anyone else to wear Wonder Woman t-shirts with. YOU ARE NOT SMOOTH STILES AND YOU WOULD NEVER WEAR YOUR SOMETIMES PJ TOP TO A CLUB IF YOU THOUGHT A PERSON YOU LIKED WOULD SEE YOU"


I have seen the first photo a lot on tumblr and I thought I would tell you guys the story behind this house. Since I could remember this house has always been pink. It is a block away from my mothers job and my siblings and I were always amazed by it. A pink house in park slope. Beautiful.
Anyway the house was painted pink by a man who’s wife had lost her fight to breast cancer in honor of her. When he painted it pink as you could assume many people on the block were upset. Because it diminished the value property of the area.
The women in the first photo is Solange, Beyonce’s sister. I remember when she did the photoshoot there. My brother and I saw her on my way to see my mother and stopped to watch.
In the second photo is the house a week ago from today. Sadly the man died and the community took no time to repaint the house back to it’s original color which broke my heart.

  • someone: hey what's up
  • me: nOT MY GRADES


if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today